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Tips for Caregivers Traveling With Someone With Dementia

By Deborah Crowther

Summer months are often a time for Holidays, family reunions, and traveling. If you are caring for someone who has dementia, this can present some challenges. Here are some tips to make these events a better experience. Be realistic about what you and your loved one can handle. If you are traveling and visiting friends and family, you should consider:

  • Take a third person to help you

  • Plan breaks for you and the person you are caring for. Plan time and space for plenty of rest. Don't over schedule.

  • If flying, contact TSA 1(866) 289-9673, to request accommodations for individuals with dementia.

  • Before arriving, inform family and friends of the changes in the individual with dementia.

  • Plan the best time of day for activities and visitors for the individual with dementia. If they become more agitated in the afternoon or evening, avoid those times.

  • Pack medications and medical information with a list of emergency contacts. Keep readily available.

  • As much as possible, keep your daily routine.

The Alzheimer's Association's website is a great resource for additional information.

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